To join Fundamentas and start selling online, complete our simple form by clicking the button and we will be in touch!

Reach engaged customers

An amazing opportunity to help grow your customer base. Products on Fundamentas are marketed to school parents and community supporters throughout the UK 

Fundraise for Schools

It’s an exciting new online marketplace that brings local business and the local community together…with shoppers buying local while raising funds for schools

Grow Locally online

Your products and services will be served to new audiences through your local schools meaning you won’t have to compete nationally when selling online with Fundamentas

How does this work for local businesses?

It doesn’t matter if you offer physical products, downloads, gift cards or services all options are available via the Fundamentas webstore.

To list your products or services on Fundamentas all we ask is that you set a minimum amount per product that will be donated to a school from each purchase. A 5% admin fee will also be applied and then we take care of the rest*.  Your products or services will be marketed to schools in your local area. This will include social media posts, email and physical newsletters circulated amongst parents and other school supporters within the community.

*Minimum donation of 5% and 5% admin fee calculated from product price before the shipping fee is applied 


How do I receive payment?

You will be paid by bank transfer and will be required to provide your bank details during onboarding. You will then receive payments upto 7 days after each purchase date.    

How do I list my products on Fundamentas?

If you are interested in becoming a partner please email or call us on 0800 774 7014 and one of our consultants will be in touch to provide further details and guide you through the onboarding process.

Will my products be available locally or nationally?

Absolutely, we want to help your business grow. You will be given the option to provide products and services either locally or nationally during the onboarding process.  Currently, you can list products locally for free*, our subscription package for listing nationally is £20 per month.   

*A £10 a month subscription will be introduced from 1st January 2022

How is stock managed?

You will be required to hold and ship stock as usual with the exception of downloadable products and gift cards/certificates that can be issued digitally. Alternatively, you can speak to Fundamentas to help fulfill your order via our distribution hub.

How will I be notified of orders?

You will receive email notification of each order instantly at checkout. It will then be your responsibility to ship based on the handling period and shipping service selected by the customer from the options you provided on the product listing. For more details please refer to the Fundamentas shipping and returns policy.

How does shipping work?

You will be responsible for shipping products unless you decide to opt for using the Fundamentas distribution hub. During the onboarding process, you will be asked to provide us with your preferred courier and shipping option per product. You can also offer optional upgrades such as next day shipping.

Can I add handling times on top of delivery time?

Yes, we understand that you may need to build in extra time to prepare, make or personalise your products. During the onboarding process, you will be asked to provide the handling time required, per product. This period will then be used to calculate the estimated delivery date for the customer, before check out.   

Can I list products that require personalisation?

Yes, you can, if you tell us how the product needs to be personalised, we will provide a text box on the product page for the customers to fill out. This data will then be included in each order you receive.

How do I add vouchers?

If you would like to provide vouchers for your products and services they will be supplied digitally in the form of a unique voucher code. You will also receive a record of this code along with the customer’s details so you can track voucher redemption.

How are customer service enquiries and returns processed?

During the onboarding process, you will be asked to provide your customer service and returns policy information. Your policy information will be displayed on all of your product listings. You will also be asked to provide a support email address which will be used to receive all customer support enquiries.

How are the schools selected for donation?

At checkout, the shopper will select a school, who will receive their donation. If your local school is not registered they can join here or by calling us on 0800 774 7014

How do schools receive their payment?

The school donation will be deducted from the total sale amount and paid to schools via bank transfer. Each donation record will be included in your monthly statement.