Receive donations when shoppers support local business or buy big brands online


Donation amount set per product

Each product available shows the % of the total price that will be donated

Select Your School

During checkout, shoppers will select your school from a drop-down menu.

Receive Donation

Once the order is complete, the donation amount shown will be provided to your school

Shop Local

Parents and other shoppers can buy products from small providers in your area, supporting local business while donating to your school at the same time. Fundamentas is the perfect place to hunt for unique and creative gifts as we bring the local high street to the doorstep.

Shop Big Brands

Products from big brands are also available, giving shoppers the chance to provide huge donations to your school when they buy products such as electronics, games, health & beauty and home education from huge brands like Apple LEGO®, Playstation, Mattel and Marc Jacobs.



Pick a Plan


Build a Page


Share with your Community


Gather Funds


Stay on Target


Launch Offer: FREE for 1 year
if subscribed before 30/09/22



min 12 month term

£150 per year after the first year

£15 per month

(Get a local business to sponsor your page)


Personalised School Fundraising Page

Full Marketing Pack

*5% Admin Fees on Total Funds Raised

Pay YearlyPay Monthly



min 12 month term

£250 per year

£25 per month

(Get a local business to sponsor your page)


Personalised School Fundraising Page

Full Marketing Pack

*No Admin Fees on Total Funds Raised

Pay YearlyPay Monthly

FAQs for Schools

Who will donate?

Donations will most likely be from parents, family, friends, and other people in your school’s network. However, you can receive donations from anyone who chooses to select your school during checkout. So depending on the success of marketing efforts this could include other people in your local community or people from all over the country.

There are no limits to the amount of reach you can generate but we recommend starting with parents, alumni, and local businesses.

How are donations calculated?

The amount donated to schools varies on the product purchased ranging from 2.5% to 20%. The percentage available for donation is shown on each individual product page. The total amount to be donated across the whole basket is calculated and shown at checkout.

Does it cost anything?

We offer two different types of subscription levels to schools essentials and premium. Click here to compare the different subscription levels.

What kind of information should we add to our school fundraising page?

You will be provided with your own school fundraising page. You can use this area to show how funds will benefit your school and your students. Here you can add updates on your goals & activities, photos, videos and links to your social accounts. If you require further advice on how to make the most of your school please schedule a call with one of our fundraising specialists contacting us here.

How long does it take to create a school page?

You can sign up and launch a school page in about 20 minutes. You can then continually update and manage your page to support your ongoing fundraising activity. Contact us here if you would like us to set up your page for you.

Is there a limit to how much I can raise?

There are no fundraising limits on Fundamentas, you can set your overall target for the year using your totalizer. If you have multiple projects in play, we also recommend using your school page to show the amounts associated with each one.

Is it possible to raise more than my initial target?

Yes. It’s also a good idea to communicate this using your school page and your own communication channels to inform donors on how the additional funds will be used.

Who can update my school page?

The email address used during signup will become associated with an administrator account. From your school page, you will be able to issue standard accounts to staff members. Anyone with an administrator or standard account will also be able to contribute and edit the school page.

How long does it take to receive donations?

Fundamentas will hold all donations for 30 days to allow for the returns period to expire. Following this period donations will be deposited in the bank account associated with your profile.

What happens once I reach my target?

It is completely up to you how you choose to manage your fundraising. If you reach your target before your planned deadline you can use your school page to increase the target amount on your totaliser and provide updates on further fundraising projects.