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Backup has arrived. Shadow Company makes their entrance in Season Five, the newest season for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® and Warzone™. A new faction means new Operators and a new arsenal—and they’ve already completely changed the landscape of Warzone. Whether hitching a ride on the city’s freight train or blowing the lid off Verdansk Stadium, one thing is clear: Shadow Company comes to collect.

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The Battle Pass for Season Five arrives locked and loaded with 100 Tiers of new content, including a squad of new Operators, a new SMG and Assault Rifle, Operator Skins, plus Weapon Blueprints, Watches, XP Tokens, Vehicle Skins, and more.

This season, Shadow Company makes their entrance into Verdansk by literally blowing the roof off the Stadium, turning its field and stands into an open-air combat arena. Shadow Company isn’t the only arrival—Verdansk’s freight train is now firing on all cylinders and full of top-tier loot to help you win the fight. The train circles the southwest corner of the map, adding to the chaos and giving players an extra option to stay mobile around the city.

Shadow Company’s mercurial leader, Lerch, commands his forces into Verdansk and can be contracted across modes as an instant unlock for Battle Pass purchasers. And, through completing in-game challenges, Battle Pass owners can unlock new skins for Lerch, starting at Tier 0. Awaiting at Tier 100, Roze’s new stealth skin ensures every infil goes smooth. And if it doesn’t, the Battle Pass features two new weapons essential for any mercenary: the lightweight ISO SMG unlocks at Tier 15, and the high-power AN-94 Assault Rifle unlocks at Tier 31 – free for all players.

Shadow Company is anything but low-profile, so outfit your new Operators with Legendary and Epic Weapon Blueprints, Finishing Moves, Sprays, and more as you battle your way through the ranks:

Lerch’s Behemoth Operator Skin unlocks at Tier 0, with immediate access to unlock the Gargantua and Colossus through in-game challenges
Ride to the beat of your own drum with new Wartracks, unlocked at Tier 0
Confuse your foes with the Hoax fake-out Spray, which resembles Operators and unlocks at Tier 14
Gain a raven companion with the Nevermore Finishing Move, which drops in with you and unlocks at Tier 20
ALT: You’ve always got air support with Nevermore, a Finishing Move that unlocks at Tier 20 and puts a pet raven at your six from the first drop onward
The Cult Classic Sniper Blueprint unlocks at Tier 59 for those with a refined taste
The sleek and tenacious Vizsla Assault Rifle Blueprint unlocks at Tier 81
The longer-range submachine gun Halcyon Days Striker 45 unlocks at Tier 95

Your arsenal extends beyond weaponry thanks to new unlockable items like Watches, Emblems, and Sprays as you play your way through each Tier.

A good Operator knows their worth, so rise through the ranks by acquiring XP tokens and Emblems as you earn up to 1,300 Call of Duty® Points — redeemable for items in the Store or bankable toward future Battle Passes.

Whether you’ve been fighting Zakhaev since the beginning or you’re looking to end him by joining up with Shadow Company, Season Five delivers ample new opportunities and moments as you progress to Tier 100 — and liberate Verdansk.


It’s time for your enemies to reap what they sow. Harvest kills down on the farm with the Livestock Map. This close-quarters map is idyllic for fast-paced combat. Take cover in the old barn and fire away until the cows come home. PETROV OIL RIG
Set out to sea with the Petrov Oilrig Map. Get roughneck in this abandoned offshore platform surrounded by cargo ships, a docked submarine, and distant glaciers. Whether drawn out or close quarters, you won’t be scraping the bottom of the barrel for some action.

Bringing players to a familiar seaport, the Suldal Harbor Map is a take on a Call of Duty® classic. As you fight through shipping areas, abandoned buildings, and fish markets, make sure to stay afloat, as there’s no safe haven here.

Announce your arrival with the Verdansk International Airport Map, a high-player-count map where you’ll fight through the airfields all the way to baggage claim. Even if you’re staying close to the tarmac, you can expect some extreme turbulence.


As cold-hearted as he is effective, Lerch leads Shadow Company into Verdansk in hopes of scoring kills and a payday. The former MARSOC member turned privatized military commander is ready to turn the tide in Verdansk on his own terms.

There’s no covering your tracks from this Ranger-turned-Jackal. A hunter from the Colorado mountains who specializes in close-combat engagements and small-unit tactics, Roze made her presence known in Season Four, but will be bringing her knowledge and expertise to Shadow Company in Season Five.

Shrouded in mystery, Velikan arrives in Season Five prepared to bring a dark cloud over Zakhaev and his forces. The tactics might be suspect, but Velikan always gets the job done.

This skilled tracker brings some Frontier Justice to Verdansk. After serving with the legendary Colonel Moschin, Morte joined Warcom and fights along-side the Coalition. This Italian-born gunslinger enters the Warzone prepared to uphold the Code of the West.


This sub-compact machine gun lights up enemies and the Verdansk sky with its high burst rate and extreme mobility. Whether you’re down on the farm in the Cornfield, or down by the docks in the Harbor, this SMG is a versatile part of any soldier’s arsenal.

Rattle some skulls with Season Five’s newest assault rifle, the AN-94. With its pinpoint precision and surprisingly potent firepower, the Assault Rifle will keep enemies’ heads ringing.


No Killstreaks. No perks. No field upgrades. Whether it’s TDM, Domination, HQ, Hardpoint, or Kill Confirmed, may the grittiest and most efficient soldier win.

Reinforce Mode goes large-scale. Capture flags to respawn your fallen teammates, and take all of the points to secure your path to victory.

Double down on your existing Search and Destroy knowledge with 12v12 battles. Eliminate the opposing team or be the first to detonate a bomb in the defending team’s zone in this best-of-seven mode where there are no respawns allowed.

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